Adam and Eve Make A Choice

Adam and Eve Story Adam and Eve Make A Choice

Adam and Eve Story

Adam and Eve story – One day before time began, God purposed to create a new and very special world. To inhabit this new world, God would create a race of beings that would hold a special place in His ultimate plans for His creation.

The story of creation as recorded by Moses in the book of Genesis tells us, that in six days, God created the heavens and the Earth. With the creation of our planet, God created a special garden which He called Eden, and from the dust of the ground, God created a man who He called Adam.

Adam and Eve Make A Choice – Video #2 of 5

Garden of Eden Adam and Eve Make A Choice

Story Of Adam & Eve

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Adam and Eve Story – A 5-Part Video Series

movie e1355592788823 Adam and Eve Make A Choice  Video #1 God’s Creation (1:34)

movie e1355592788823 Adam and Eve Make A Choice  Video #2 Adam and Eve Make A Choice (4:53)

movie e1355592788823 Adam and Eve Make A Choice  Video #3 Lucifer’s Plan In The Garden of Eden (4:19)

movie e1355592788823 Adam and Eve Make A Choice  Video #4 Garden of Eden-The Confrontation (3:22)

movie e1355592788823 Adam and Eve Make A Choice  Video #5 Christ The Messiah-God’s Plan (3:40)

Story of Adam and Eve – “Adam and Eve Make A Choice” [Transcript]

Now there was an angel God had created and you’ll get into this if you read the story of the “Rebellion of the Angels In Heaven”, whose name was Lucifer. The most beautiful and most powerful of all the angels God created. He was placed above all the angels in stature and abilities and he was probably the closest to God’s throne of any of the created angels. But at one point in time when God announced His plans to create the Earth, Lucifer began a rebellion in Heaven and ultimately go approximately one third of all the angels that God had created to side with him in this rebellion. The purpose of the rebellion was to bring about the change in God’s plan and to create this new race of beings that would ultimately be placed over them.

[Lucifer whose ultimate goal was to “Exalt his throne above the stars of God” ] He was forming a plan on how to bring about the downfall of these newly created beings on planet Earth, Adam and Eve. He was going to try to fulfill his plan of taking God’s place as lord over all creation. But to do so he would have to succeed in destroying God’s plan to create this new race of beings on planet Earth. And he contended now with God that these newly created beings must be given a choice whether to remain loyal to God or to choose a path that Lucifer was offering which was to side with him and his followers in taking a path in rejecting God and his laws and a path instead of becoming their own god with no god over them. Lucifer contended that to keep this choice from Adam and Eve would be arbitrary and dictatorial. And would only serve to prove his intentions that God was unjust. So to silence Lucifer’s accusations and for the sake of righteousness, God would give Adam and Eve the choice of remaining in obedience to Him and living forever or choosing instead the path that Lucifer and his followers had chosen which was to reject the lordship of God over them in exchange for being their own god, a path that would ultimately lead them to eternal death. However to ensure that the test of their loyalty was fair and just, God would determine the circumstances under which Lucifer could present his case to them.

God told Adam and Eve that He had placed two trees in the Garden of Eden for the purpose of giving them a choice of whom they would serve, either God, or themselves. The Tree of Life, whose properties produced fruit that would give their physical bodies immortality, producing for them eternal life. The other tree, The Tree of Knowledge, of good and evil, God prohibited them go near or even touch. Certainly not to eat the fruit. God informed them about the rebellion in Heaven, and about of his adversary Lucifer, and warned them not to go to the Tree of Knowledge, for there alone would he be allowed to test their loyalty to God.

God told Adam and Eve in no uncertain terms, that if they ate the fruit of that tree, or even touched it, it would constitute disobedience to His commands, and that in that very instant, they would “surely die”

Now the death that God was talking about here was not the death of their physical bodies because we know that Adam lived 930 years, but rather the eternal death of their spirits. However, if they passed the test, and stayed true to God, they would be allowed to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life, and they would live forever as the rulers of planet earth, and ultimately be exalted to the position of Kings and Priests over all creation.

Lucifer reasoned that if he could get Adam and Eve to disobey God by eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, he could not only forever thwart the plan of God in exalting this race of beings above him, but he could claim legal spiritual ownership over them and their posterity forever, because they would be siding with him and making him their god instead of the true God thus take Adam’s place as the legal sovereign over planet earth. In short, God who created the planet, would remain its legal owner, but Lucifer would become the legal sovereign over all the affairs of the planet and claim legal ownership of the souls and spirits all mankind. This would mean, that not only would he lord over them all the days of their physical lives on earth, but he would retain legal ownership over their souls and spirits throughout all eternity after they died.

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