Christ The Messiah-God’s Plan

Christ The Messiah-God’s Plan

Adam and Eve Story Christ The Messiah Gods Plan

Christ The Messiah-God’s Plan

After the confrontation with God in the Garden of Eden, God changed Lucifer’s name to Satan. And from Eve’s offspring would eventually come Jesus Christ The Messiah. Although Christ would come in human-form to wash away all sins of mankind, Satan would try to destroy Christ through the crucifixion but only to fail, as Christ rose from the dead. Even today, Satan’s system is alive on Earth built on…

Adam and Eve Story – Christ The Messiah-God’s Plan – Video #5 of 5


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Adam and Eve Story – A 5-Part Video Series

movie e1355592788823 Christ The Messiah Gods Plan  Video #1 God’s Creation (1:34)

movie e1355592788823 Christ The Messiah Gods Plan  Video #2 Adam and Eve Make A Choice (4:53)

movie e1355592788823 Christ The Messiah Gods Plan  Video #3 Lucifer’s Plan In The Garden of Eden (4:19)

movie e1355592788823 Christ The Messiah Gods Plan  Video #4 Garden of Eden-The Confrontation (3:22)

movie e1355592788823 Christ The Messiah Gods Plan  Video #5 Christ The Messiah-God’s Plan (3:40)

Story of Adam and Eve – “Christ The Messiah-God’s Plan” [Transcript]

Now What God is saying to Lucifer here, whose name He now changed to ‘Satan’ which literally means ‘adversary’, is that from Eves offspring would eventually come one (Christ the Messiah) who would destroy him, which is what the phrase “He shall bruise your head” implies. However, the verse also predicts that Satan would be able to “bruise His heel”. What this simply implies is that Satan would try to destroy Christ at His appearing (the crucifixion), but would not succeed because Christ would rise from the dead, and in the process pay the price for Adam and Eve’s disobedience. These words caused Satan to tremble. While he could not understand all of the implications of the curse God had just placed upon him, Satan knew that God was not going to allow him to thwart His plans of creating a race of Kings and Priests. Satan’s hatred for God was then aimed and the human race. He purposed to destroy as many of God’s people as he possibly could, by getting them to subscribe to his system of self-exaltation, and choosing to reject the laws of God in exchange for being their own gods.

 For the past six thousand years, we have experienced the results of Satan’s system on the earth. A system whose foundation lies in the principles of deception, selfishness, self promotion, self-exaltation, competition, and ultimately eternal separation from God. Satan is well aware that existence as he knows it will soon end with him and his followers (both angels and human) cast forever into a place that God has created expressly for them. A place that God calls “The Lake of Fire”, where they will be tormented day and night throughout all eternity.

The good news, or “The Gospel” if you will, is that Jesus Christ paid the price of the death penalty for every human being who has ever lived. By His sacrifice on the Cross, Jesus placed every human being back into the same position that Adam and Eve were in before they disobeyed God. All men have the same choice to make. To remain loyal to God, and acknowledge Him as their Lord and savior, or choose once again to side with Satan and elect instead to be our own gods, even if it means eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire. The choice is ours. We can live with God forever, inherit all things, and be seated with Christ as a King and a Priest over all the works of His hands forever, or be our own gods and live forever in never-ending destruction with Satan and his angels.

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By V.P. Valentino – Copyright © 2012

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